Friday, December 07, 2007

Because ALL scripture is God-breathed

I ♥ Five Festal Garments (by Barry Webb) because it gets me off the beaten track and into some very cool books of the Bible. This morning I sat in Exeter station studying Lamentations and nearly missed my train cos I was so immersed in it (bloggage to follow).

When I'm through that I'm desperate to go back through Ruth (reading Judges recently I'm seeing a few things more clearly), and I want to get a bit further with Ecclesiastes... and perhaps spend more time in Song of Songs.

This afternoon I sat on campus in Bath studying Esther 1-3 with Dan - the power of genealogy to unlock a text! Studying Esther with the lads is great... Song of Songs might be a bit too edgy, but it is all scripture, so why not!!


  1. on a simialar note, me and nick have elected to spend some time in Obadiah next thursday...have i been really stupid!?

  2. Stoopid is when you look at it and realise that you have less than a week to figure what it's about!! I'd love to see your reflections.

    Try downloading Dever's sermon on it?

    Why Ob?