Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adrian's Number 5

Adrian Warnock posts his top referrers. I managed to maintain fifth place from last year. He's a very encouraging man and this is what he wrote:

Holding stable is part of Dave Bish's character, so it’s perhaps appropriate that he is the only site in the top 5 which did not change rank! Dave Bish is another good friend of mine. He traveled out to the edge of London just to meet me for lunch. We have chatted many times online, and his blog is one of the most popular Christian blogs in the UK. He has devoted his life to helping students find Christ—a noble profession.
Top of the list is bluefish designed Justin Taylor's blog.
Adrian's top 10 UK referrers were:

1. me.
2. Terry Virgo - leader of newfrontiers, family of reformed charismatic churches on a mission.
3. Colin Adams - scottish preaching blog, bringing us great links with great frequency.
4. Peter Kirk
5. Dan Hames - uccf worker for - one to watch in 2008!
6. Dave Warnock
7. Martin Downes (more bf design) - a welsh pastor-theolgian who excels in bringing great quotes to our attention and doing great interviews.
8. Maurice McCracken - uccf worker for Relay - honest grace-blogging, infrequently.
9. Adrian Reynolds - pastor with sharp theology infused with church history amongst other things.
10. Mark Heath
Being personally acquainted with Dan Hames, Martin Downes, Maurice McCracken and Adrian Reynolds I'd have to say they should all be on your blogroll in 2008 if they're not already.

Virgo and Adams are the newbies who speak for themselves and will inevitably be 1 & 2 next year. Colin Adams posts with amazing consistency about the very pressing need to resource preaching. Terry Virgo is one of God's great gifts to the church in our generation - I love his insight and his pastoral concern and Biblical teaching. Mark Heath has been around for a while and writes good stuff, though not as often as I'd like!

And it'd be fair to say that I don't see eye-to-eye with Kirk & Dave Warnock with whom Adrian Warnock and I both interacted during this Summer's atonement-blogging. I don't have similar referral stats so I don't know where most of the traffic comes from over the last year. I'd like to think I'd write if no-one read the blog but if it was just that then I'd keep a private journal. I really value the interaction I get here and the encouragements received. So, thank you.

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  1. Thank _you_!

    I'm thankful how God uses the blogs of people like you, Adrian Warnock, Dan Hames, etc. to sort of mentor me...and consequently my family.

    The words/ideas/attitudes I read become a part of my own.

    May God's church be strengthened in Great Britain and elsewhere in the upcoming year like none other.