Sunday, November 11, 2007

The word did everything

Andy and I have just spent the weekend on the edge of Dartmoor with the Exeter Lopes & Hope hall groups. It was great to be able to teach them 2 Timothy (me) and have Andy teach seminars on prayer and contentment. I'll post the mp3s of the weekend when I get the chance. Next week I'll be off on my own to the Reading University CU houseparty to work through the same 2 Timothy material with them (with some necessary edits to my notes).

I've felt this little last letter from Paul strike into my heart with it's message of salvation by grace and life by grace. And even more than that, the sizzling power of God's word - what he says is the way things change, he is the one who really knows his people, he is the one who grants repentance and whose word is the only remedy for sinfully itchy ears.

Blogging has been a bit light recently because I've been working on these talks, later in the month I'll probably chop the scripts up into blogsize bites which should keep things ticking over for a good week or two.

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