Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Don't Do God?

The media returned to Tony Blair's We Don't Do God statement at the weekend. Alistair Campbell commented:

"the former prime minister always asked his aides to find him a church to attend, wherever he happened to be, each Sunday. Because he's pretty irreverent, he swears a fair bit, if he sees a very attractive woman his eye will wander and all that stuff, he doesn't look like your classic religious sort of guy,"

said Mr Campbell. Which is fairly revealing about what Campbell thinks religion is supposed to look like, for right or wrong. What are the marks of real Christianity? Elsewhere, Dan Phillips is on the US election trail observing how candidates often say: "My religion will not influence me one way or the other in office." (which is to say, we don't do god...). Which he notes well:

...can only mean one of three things:

1. The speaker is a liar
2. The speaker is a hypocrite
3. The speaker can't rub two live neurons together

None of those are particularly commendable characteristics in a leader.

As one commenter on this blog noted "Jesus is Lord" is a very political statement. It's a matter of worldview - and worldviews definitely do effect the way we think about things. I spent this morning considering Sennacharib's worldview with Joe. The King of Assyria took the view that he could beat anyone in battle whoever their god was. And he had a trackrecord on his side. His problem was that he thought that every god was a fake, and he treated the LORD as like one of the idols of the nations, gods made by people - as opposed to him being the God who made people. Sennacherib had beaten all the non-existent gods of the nations, what he neglected was that the LORD is real. He took on the LORD, overstretched himself, saw his army flicked aside by the LORD's postman before he was slain in the house of his own god, who couldn't protect him. Unlike the LORD who protects his people from others and from his own wrath when they hide in the LORD's house under the passover blood (See 2 Chronicles 30 + 32 for more on the story).

Whatever we worship effects the way we live - whether idols who make us dance to the rhythm of our own hearts, or the LORD who calls us to live all of life under his rule.


  1. Loving it.

    I can't imagine Tony Blair swearing or leering at women.

    Does Gordon Brown attend church anywhere?

  2. Dunno about Browns habits.
    Nice to have your comments, trusty afore cited commenter!