Sunday, November 04, 2007

There is no colour in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice

9v35-38 The Implications – Jesus comes to give light to some, and blind others.

Jesus hears about this and follows the man up. He questions him – does he believe in the Son of Man. Jesus is revealing himself to the man. And v38, the man bows down and worships him. How else can we respond to Jesus but to praise him? To trust in him, to say he is the Lord! And this is exactly what was meant to happen. Remember back in v3, we were told that the point of this whole incident. The point was to reveal God – the light of the world shining to open the blind eyes of this man. And seeing Jesus leads to savouring Jesus – to worship.

Jesus is the light who shines in the darkness, to reveal the glory of God. And yet, in v39 exposes the religious. v39, “For judgement I have come into the world, so that the blind will see, and those who see will become blind”. They ask about themselves- “Are we blind too?”. No, they think they can see which amplifies their guit. Caught in the sting. Blinded by the glory of Jesus. More blind than the blind man ever was. Indifference is the same as outrage. It's all unbelief.
John writes to bring belief not unbelief. But we might say what's the big deal with unbelief?

Pastor Jonathan Edwards notes: Unbelief is evil because it sets the glory and excellencies of Jesus at nought. How about you? Me? What does your heart make of Jesus? The only strategy I have is to show people Jesus.
  • Jesus the light of the world, shining to show us God's glory.
  • Jesus more wise and insightful than agony aunts and academic scholars.
  • Jesus more breathtaking than sunsets and sunrises.
  • Jesus more majestic than sporting triumphs and first class degrees.
As John Piper observes:
"There is no deeper reality and no greater value than the glory of God in Christ. There is no prize and no satisfaction beyond this. When you have this, you are at the end. You are home. The glory of God is not a means to anything greater. This is ultimate, absolute reality. All true salvation ends here, not before and not beyond. There is no beyond. The glory of God in Christ is what makes the gospel gospel"
What happens when you – here in John 9 – come face to face with Jesus? All we can do as a Christian Union is to study the Bible to see Jesus. Looking for God to transform us, penetrating our hearts and persuading us about Jesus. It's the strategy to be a Christian Union, and to reach the Uni. Why not invite someone, even this week, to consider Jesus – to let him walk off the pages and receive sight and life from him?

The man sat at the roadside for a lifetime waiting for God's plan to be put into action that day. Waiting for the moment he would see colours for the first time. Waiting for the day he would see creation and see it's creator. Seeing the glory of Jesus. Sight acquired through the sin-bearing wrath-averting God-and-man-reconciling death of Jesus. The path that the Light of the World was walking. What we see as we survey the cross of Christ is the beginning of our seeing. Because of the cross we see with Calvin that “There is not one blade of grass, there is no colour in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice”. Like the blind man in his first moments of sight we begin to see colour for the first time.

Above all else we see Jesus. We see so that we might answer that we would not be happy in heaven if Jesus were not there. We are only satisfied with Jesus. As Jesus walks off the page into our lives we see Jesus. And when we see Jesus we are home.

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