Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seven Days

"Mirrors are made to teach us to delight in our own beauty"
CS Lewis.

"Everyone is godly. We all look like our gods."
Mike Reeves on idols.

"Philosophy talks about God's Omni-'s, Trinity talks about love and the gospel of grace"
Mike Reeves on Trinity

"A sinner is man curved in on himself"
Martin Luther

"Gnostics were monists who said creation is a cosmic fart"
Mike Reeves on Dan Brown's errors.

"Sin looks in, salvation looks to Jesus. Faith isn't about how much I trust Christ, it is trusting Christ."
Mike Reeves

"Atonement is an event within God and offered completely freely to us. Jesus comes into the presence of the Lord, bringing his people on his breastplate. And we find ourselves as loved as the Son."
Mike Reeves on John 17.

1. Triple-Mike. Thursday & Friday with Mike on Trinity. Saturday at Transformission. Mike is 'my theology advisor' !

2. Wisdom dancing at creation. A real highlight at new staff training this week - Tim Rudge on being human (with evident help from CCEF). The changes might be entirely in me, but it feels like UCCF has got a breath of fresh air over the last few years from things like Tim on Humanity, Mike on Trinity, Clarke on Scripture and the Cunningham drive for persuasive evangelism. Big-up the senior leadership guys.

3. This is the sound of inevitability. Watched with friends.

4. Running in rural Oxfordshire. 7am each morning!

5. Tasty food and 2 Timothy with the RUCU. More like 8 days ago, but worth remembering.

6. Martyn Joseph Live at the Barnfield Theatre. Vegas, Exeter. Unbeatable live, and the new CD is pretty good too.

7. House 3. Arrived.

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