Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seven Days

I don't feel like my feet have touched the ground in the last few weeks. I've been all over the place and I'm enjoying it.

1. Helping Hames write some lyrics by email. Can't wait to hear what you've come up with.

2. The generosity of friends. I thank God for his grace in you.

3. Bridge Strikes and Replacement Buses. aka, going to Falmouth to invite people to see and savour Jesus.

4. Judges. I read it. I don't really understand it. But, I am glad we are not without a king. We have King Jesus!

5. Fixing the blind in my office. That room is now officially usable, albeit lacking some furniture. Ideal cos I have some serious talk preparation to do in the next two days on 2 Timothy 1-4.

6. Grace books. That'll be the stack of resources next to my desk to help me with 2 Timothy 1. Like John Calvin:

"...let us yield the whole to His mercy, knowing that we cannot boast of ourselves, unless we rob Him of the honor which belongs to Him. Men have endeavored to invent cavils, to darken the grace of God."

Also there are books by Michael Horton, Marcus Honeysett, Terry Virgo.

7. More Calvin, in reference to 2 Timothy 4:

"Many there are that would gladly have pleasant things taught them; they would make pastime of the Word of God, and recreate themselves thereby; thus they seek vain and unprofitable teaching. They would bring error, contention, and debate into the church, and endeavor to bring the religion we hold into doubt, and obscure the Word of God."

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  1. Mr Bish,

    Thanks for your input on the song! Reeves has given some theological feedback, and there are one or two little issues I need to sort out in that third verse.

    Will let you know it goes!