Monday, November 26, 2007

Scriptural Salivation

If you want stunted growth as a Christian put your Bible on the shelf to collect dust. If you want to grow then follow Calvin's wise words...
  • Believe nothing unless the scriptures convince you of it.... there are no grounds for believing what God has not spoken.
  • Let the Holy Spirit penetrate your heart to persuade you... studying the word is studying a book but it is an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Act accordingly.
  • Let the scriptures subdue your bold rebellion by showing you the majesty of God. Notice the language of, v16, rebuke and correction. God's word should require change of us since we are not living perfectly godly lives.
Be like a dog. Martin Luther saw a dog staring at it's meat and wished he could be likewise with the word of God. Unwavingly salivating over the words of God written. Taking every opportunity to feast on Jesus in his word. We don't read the Bible because it's a requirement for Christians. We read it because the word that said 'let there be light' recreates our hearts to see Jesus. It shows us what we were made to see and enjoy. Transforming us from the inside out. What is the place of the Bible in your life? Pete Lowman pioneered Christian Unions in Russia, taking God's word across the nation in the 1990s. He writes (in Gateways to God, Pete Lowman, Christian Focus): every sense, the growth of the church is inseparable from the spread of the Word,as we read it personally, as we gossip it, as we feed on it at home groups, in public exposition and proclamation. This is depth, this is power, this is spirituality.
Matthew Henry says: O that he might love our Bible's more, and keep closer to them. If you want first century growth then don't try to chain the word. It is not chained and God will have it heard, even if the rocks have to start talking. Word people are life-people. Such people want nothing else than to live a godly life in Christ Jesus (v14) – whatever the persecution that follows. Seriously, what are we doing with that verse? It's a promise....

What does godliness look like? It loves the word of God and so trades money for persecution, love of 'pleasures' for the joy of suffering for Christ... Tasting and enjoying the word of God, equipped to face whatever comes. Make a difference in this world not by chasing relevance and style but by going for substance. Too much dessert is bad for you, but you can eat all the word of God you like. What'll happen? It'll just keep sizzling in your heart!
What's the place of the Bible in your life?

Pray – The Ministers Bible, p346 (The Valley of Vision)

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