Monday, November 12, 2007

Name UCCF: The Christian Unions next Gospel Project and win an iPod Nano

Name UCCF: The Christian Unions next Gospel Project and win an iPod Nano

Imagine the gospel in the hands, heads and hearts of a generation of students - a generation without Jesus and without hope. 400,000 Gospels handed from student to student at over 150 universities and colleges in the UK. Imagine your course mates, friends, and housemates having the opportunity to hear and respond to the life-changing claims of Jesus Christ. Imagine UCCF’s Gospel Project 2008.

Thousands of students have had a real encounter with the living God as they’ve met with Christ through his Word. 2008-09 is the year of UCCF: The Christian Unions fifth Gospel Project, and our vision is bigger and more daring than ever. In 2008–2009 Christian Unions across Great Britain will take part in a massive nationwide operation to distribute copies of Mark’s gospel on every campus where there is a Christian Union.

Gospel projects provide CUs with an accessible and contemporary-looking gospel, which is ideal for both personal evangelism and large-scale events. They are a perfect platform on which to build missions; great to be read with a non-Christian friend, and of course, are a completely free resource for students.

But … we need your help!

The 2008–2009 Gospel Project is as yet unnamed, and we want you to help us name it! We are inviting you to suggest a name for the Gospel Project 2008. If the name you suggest is picked as the winner you will receive a shiny brand new iPod Nano* complete with loads of helpful talks from past UCCF conferences.

The name will need to be snappy and interesting. It will also have to reflect the thrust of Mark’s gospel, covering the key things he’s trying to communicate. Mark wants his readers to understand who Jesus is and what he came to do.

The last Gospel Project was called Life, and was based on John’s gospel. The one before that was called Identity, (also Mark’s gospel). Get your thinking caps on and be creative!

Email your entry to by Friday 23 November 2007.

*UCCF staff and their families are not eligible to win the ipod.

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