Monday, November 12, 2007

Musing on Giants

These are some musings from playing in the Genesis sandpit with Mike Reeves and his model Tabernacle last week... This may be fairly incoherent but I'm mostly noting it so I can come back to it later and try and investigate further.

In Genesis 3 God promised a seed to come from Eve to save people. They've been kicked off the Mountain (Eden.. rivers flow from mountains, and we later find that the Gihon flows from Jerusalem... from the Temple... Ezekiel 47 etc...) and need a way to get back in. Angels block the way, as they will in the model of Eden (Tabernacle). How important it is that we're acquainted with the models so we can understand the real things (Exodus 25... Hebrews 8 etc). Big question: How can anyone get back into Eden? How can anyone get back into the presence of God? The big picture tells us that Adam fell down the mountain and Jesus will climb back up it. But there's plenty to be written from Genesis 3 before that is achieved.

Eve bears children in Genesis 4 but they're not the saving-seed we're looking for. By the end of Genesis 4 people are starting to call upon the name of the Lord and in Genesis 5 Enoch gets taken back into the presence of God. But, in Genesis 6 we see 'sons of God' having children with women. 'Sons of God' is clearly a tough one to interpret - but we see them again in Job 1-2 where they are angels. So, run with that. Their seed are Nephilim, giants. Demonic seed which provoke God to announce that in 120 years judgement will come (the Flood).

Nephilim recur after the flood. Nimrod? And certainly the inhabitants of the land in Numbers 13. God's people are scared off from entering the land because of them and judged by God for their unbelief. The demonic seed again stopping the people of God entering the lands. Later the Nephilim Goliath tries to defeat God's annointed king, but David wins. Could it also be that Jezebel-the-Sidonian Queen is Nephilim... and her daughter Ataliah the one who tries to destroy the sons of Judah. Trying to stop the Seed from coming? Polluting the line of David - or at least the one from Solomon. Jesus of course comes from David's son Nathan to Mary... with Solomon's line cut off because God rather than Joseph is Jesus' Father...

In time Christ comes. The Seed. The one who can offer all the sacrifices for our sin. The one who can go past the angels and into the Holy Place. Adam fell down the mountain, Christ climbs back up. And, we are found 'in Christ'. God provides the Seed. God solves the problem. God welcomes us back up the mountain in Christ. Union with Christ is then key (as Calvin notes) - because there is no other way into the Most Holy Place than in Him. He's there already, and on the final day of Jubilee (Leviticus 25) he'll come back out and sound the trumpet!


  1. Interesting. This Mike Reeves guy sounds interesting, almost Fieldian at times.

    Tabernacle as 'new' creation seems evident in Exodus. Though of course, as such, it could only ever be a shadow of the new creation inaugurated when Christ entered the true heavenly sanctuary.

  2. Do we ever get giants mentioned or alluded to in the NT?

  3. 2 Peter 2v4, Jude 1v6... allusions?

    Fieldian? Hehe...