Monday, November 19, 2007

I ♥ doctrine

“Once you’re exposed to [doctrine], you see the richness in it for your own soul, and you’re ruined for anything else.”Josh Harris at Challies.
I ♥ doctrine, sound gospel grace doctrine that is. I meet students in the UK who aren't keen on Josh Harris. It seems his books on dating (or *not* dating) aren't all that popular over here (which is probably because they're written to a specific cultural context of US homeschool kids... I dunno). But you can't beat Josh Harris' book 'Stop Dating the Church'. It's a great pocketsize book on how to love the church - and he clearly articulates the importance of being part of church where the word of God is loved, lived and taught - where doctrine matters. And I love that. I love that about Sovereign Grace Ministries . I love it about Christian Unions. I love it in 2 Timothy. And I love the sound of Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists (Colin Hansen, 2008).

I love it when students develop a hunger for God's word. I loved hanging out with the Reading guys who are so dear to my heart, and opening the Bible with them - in preaching, but also between sesssions - mostly as it happens over Romans 9... all comes back to the doctrines of grace. Sometimes they divide and lead to controversy when sinful people consider them coldly and arrogantly. But, when the Spirit engages our hearts with the joy of heaven and the horror of hell they can ignite the soul with a vision of God like no other. Then we see that God is big and people are small... the gospel amazing and people wonderfully saved by God.

Update: Josh Harris is offering some clarity for people like the students referred to above who've not liked some of his books. Let me further re-emphasise, if you've not read Stop Dating the Church... WHY NOT?? WHY NOT?? Leave this blog now, go buy it and read it: This is the link you need to follow (and get Sex is not the problem (lust is) too while you're over at Amazon. It's very good and will make you want to read John Piper's Future Grace which is also excellent)

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