Monday, November 26, 2007

Change starts in the pulpit

Mark Dever is reading Bob Kauflin's forthcoming book 'Worship Matters':

"I know worship pastors who wouldn't be in their present church unless they were being paid. That's not good. Salary shouldn't be the primary means of determining where we serve. And you shouldn't work at a church you wouldn't attend." Don't you love to read a rarely stated but important truth put clearly? Of course, pastors can go to a church hoping to change it, but without the pulpit, in a position like "minister of music" that would be very difficult.

I grew up in a church where much change was attempted by people who didn't have the pulpit... the place got repainted musically but longterm nothing has changed when the pulpit isn't gospel-driven, when the word isn't preached. Dever & Kauflin's observations hold. Jesus rules his church with the scriptures as his sceptre - preaching of the sound doctrine of the happy God must be central. As Josh Harris puts it in Stop Dating the Church, when joining a church, make it one you can join 'as is'. And the key question is do they love, live and teach the Bible?

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