Friday, November 23, 2007

Bible words have Bible meanings

Like, God, for example. Meaning - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Or like, Death. Meaning under curse rather than ceasing to exist.
And hence in the death of Jesus we see God bearing the curse, not some how ceasing to be. When a friend of mine objected to the idea of Jesus being God AND dying because God is eternal, part of the problem was that he was using human definitions.

But then as God says through Isaiah: thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," (Isaiah 55:8). That is, everything we think we know about God simply isn't true.
What we need is to get our thinking about God from his word - which comes like life-giving rain to us that bears a harvest of joy (see the rest of Isaiah 55 !). Which makes it puzzling as to what I'm expecting to know of God without an open Bible? Something better than enjoying the eternal pleasures of God instead of his curse (life instead of death)? Something more powerfully revealed than what speaks of himself in his written word?
I'm practically-atheist when I wont pray.
I'm practically-liberal when I act like it's not by God's word that I know him.
Neither are desirable or tenable positions for life or ministry.

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