Thursday, October 25, 2007

Water of life

At church today I was talking to someone involved in club outreach. This is a new venture by the OICCU, in which people give out free water outside clubs every other Friday night. I believe there might also be information about talks as well. I think this a great way to demonstrate Christian love, and possibly initiate some gospel conversations and build relationships. Apparently, lots of people are “up for it” as the saying goes. I remarked that I wished lots of people were “up for” the open-air work on Cornmarket that has been going on for years here, and with which I am involved. The response I got was that club outreach is a lot less scary than the work on Cornmarket and it’s not really evangelism. Pretty much says it all really.
Daniel Newman

'Servant Evangelism' ?

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  1. I see Dan's point, but I think it's important not to bash something simply because it's "not evangelism". If we start doing this, then we have an unbiblical emphasis. In my experience, bashing non-verbal outreach stops a healthy "theology of normal life" developing for those who end up doing secular work.. "some are evangelists."
    A Christian farmer who spends a day ploughing a field alone, being hard-working and conscientious, is glorifying God through Jesus, all day long. I think that similarly, giving someone a bottle of water in Jesus name is pleasing to God. It's not preaching (Gr. euangelizomai), but it's "letting your good works shine before men".
    Sure, it's a whole lot better if the works shine in the midst of my everyday life and I don't have to organise an outreach to make it happen. Yet a Christian who summons up the courage to stand outside the SU and be labelled "Christian" has most probably been prompted by the Holy Spirit and is dependent upon God in prayer.
    Bashing someone so prompted and dependent because they didn't explain "two ways to live" to the clubbers doesn't seem appropriate... "a bruised reed he will not break."
    That's what I think!

  2. I don't think he's particularly bashing it, and he reflects in comments on the value its having...