Monday, October 22, 2007


"Where lonely people gather together
to drink burnt coffee
and ignore one another in community."

Mark Driscoll
The Rebels Guide to Joy


  1. and use the wifi. don't forget the wifi.

    people go to starbucks so they can sit with other people and use the wifi to talk to other people who they aren't sitting with to tell them they're sitting in starbucks using their wifi.

  2. I'll comment just to break the run of Daves commenting ;-)

    For me, Starbucks is where I meet with my supervisor, church leaders, Agape workers, and students. It is therefore a easily accessible place to meet in any city, to be seated on comfy chairs, enjoy the company, and mourn the horrendous price of even a plain fairtrade coffee.

    And the one in Borders in the Bullring has the advantage that if a student has forgotten a Bible, you borrow a Borders one (it's allowed; honest)!

  3. You know me, I ♥ coffeehouses...