Sunday, October 07, 2007

Seven Thoughts

This week I've thought

1. About Sepp Blatter suggesting a quota on foreign players. If lots of foreign players are coming to play in England, why aren't English players using the opportunity to go and play in other countries.
2. About how I'm missing my MP3 player - or at least, being able to easily listen to music and sermons on it.
3. How glad I am to be married to Em.
4. Cameron or Brown. I dunno yet.
5. The authority of scripture. Chewing on this. What a glorious doctrine - and as John Stott wrote: "Scripture is the sceptre by which King Jesus reigns".
Honeysett on Scripture
6. The postal strike is going to delay me clearing my IVP bill.
7. How I love my job - going back to preach for Bath CU was a real highlight and priviledge this week.


  1. On #4 I'm a stage behind you - I'm still trying to work out whether I go with the media and agree the question is Cameron or Brown, or whether the question I should be asking is actually which party / policies? It's the old doctrine / praxis, belief / character non-dichotomy again. Ho-hum.

  2. I'm not impressed with Cameron this week.

    1. the no script thing was over hyped - what's the big deal if you're articulate enough to not need a full script... why not prepare more and speak for less time.

    2. the boo-hoo he didn't call an election now so i'm definitely stuck in opposition for ages more is not exactly statesmanlike.

  3. what's with all this talk of politics ?

    you'll be on about religion next ;-)

  4. I like the inheritance tax policy. That has won me over. As well as the naughty use of British troops during the Tory conference by Brown.

  5. The inheritance tax policy is good - about time, hard to believe the chancellor didn't think of doing that before! Politics here and with Warnock... dunno what's come over us.

  6. For me, definitely not Brown, no way. Saying a definite 'yes' to Cameron is a different matter though.

    Tories or Labour? Cameron or Brown? At times it feels like a 'which way would you like to be killed - by being hung or by being shot?' kind of a question. :)

    This blog was political the moment it declared 'Jesus is Lord' :)

  7. This blog was political the moment it declared 'Jesus is Lord' :)