Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead: what's it worth?

So you can download Radiohead's new album today for whatever you decide to pay. It's a fascinating marketing exercise and challenge to the music industry - what should music cost? Can you decide before you hear it? And how do we decide what anything is worth?

Can they expect anyone to pay for the download when they can have it for free? One music journalist confessed he'd feel guilty if he paid nothing for the album - but why?

Value is a major theme in the Bible - it makes stunning statements about the value of possessions, life and death, and Jesus Christ. Paul can write in Philippians that death is gain and that he counts all his prior gains as worth nothing to him. Jonathan Edwards comments that the problem with 'unbelief' is that it 'sets the glory of Christ at nought'. Everyday we set the value of things - by what we pay for them and the way we treat them.

Also in today's "news": Jack will be in jail during the next season of 24. (or at least Kiefer Sutherland will be). Good to see someone facing the punishment for their offense, and that he cares for the jobs around him. Keen as I am to see the next season of 24 I can't help wondering whether we shouldn't have to wait for him to finish his sentence, and face some of the consequences of his behaviour.

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