Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2008

Peter Comont, Julian Hardyman, John and Alison Risbridger, Marcus Honeysett and Philip Warburton write:
The Pastoral Refreshment Conference is designed to be an oasis for Christian leaders and spouses, a place for receiving spiritual refreshment specifically tailored to those in ministry. We believe there is a close link between flourishing in leadership and caring for the hearts of leaders and spouses. Those involved in leadership can often find that they constantly give out but have few opportunities for others to encourage them to feed on God themselves. The aim of the conference is to provide sustenance for heart and family life, and an opportunity for developing intimacy with the Lord and close bonds of friendship with others in leadership.

This year we are welcoming Jonathan Lamb, Lady Elizabeth Catherwood, Mark Bonnington and others who will lead the conference in the theme of enjoying God’s grace in leadership. There will be a great mixture of inspiring pastoral preaching and seminars, warm fellowship and a grace-filled, prayerful ethos as leader seek God together for the on-going refreshment of life and ministry.

We are writing to ask if you would pass this note on to those leaders and their spouses you know who you think might appreciate the conference. Please feel free to forward this email as widely as you can, and perhaps especially to church officers you know who might think it would benefit their pastoral staff. If you think that it would benefit the leaders in your church, why not think about sending them?

One third discount available until October 31st.

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  1. Cheers for posting that Bish, since in my church we're looking to get the pastor to one more such conference each year, I've passed it on - looks great.