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I'm not quite awake yet, do you think anyone will notice

Picked up Douglas Coupland's new book yesterday The Gum Thief. It begins as depressingly as I'd expect a Coupland novel to do. Hopefully it'll be better than jPod which was more of a concept than a novel. The character muses on the futility of their life and desire to escape early on - a poor man's attempt at Ecclesiastes. Still, three pages in is a bit early to pass verdict on it!

In a crafty combination of a book voucher and a 2 for 3 offer I got three books for eight pounds. I also got Zastrozzi by Percy Bysshe Shelley (which is an interesting short story that I read after work with a large mug of coffee) and the late Alistair Cooke's book of essays Letter from America which should make ideal bathroom reading. I ♥ books.

Work yesterday centred around finishing off a talk I'm preaching at Bath University this evening, and the Exeter Evangelical Partnership meeting about Hope08 which was a good opportunity to meet gospel partners and pray together. Encouraging to see a wide range of evangelical churches and ministries seeking to help one another be more fruitful.

It also occured to me last night, probably not for the first time, how blogs can be like bad homegroups, tabloid-soundbite sharing of ignorance. What should I do with that thought? Probably employ it in writing more thoughtful blogposts, but instead I did what bloggers do - I posted it! I suddenly feel like the media commenting on the media...

Tim Suffield asked me yesterday how I find time to blog. On the evidence of this post the answer is simple - I just click 'create' and let the drivel flow. Much like the BBC News I'm watching this morning that is trying to tell me (and tell, rather than persuade) me that the last footage of Diana is fascinating. I think I'll turn it off.


  1. oooh. new douglas coupland! i liked jpod. the only thing i am starting to find that puts me off is the deep and meaningful conversations which are often rehashes on the same themes and seem quite contrived and unnatural when i read them now, where as they didn't so much when i was a bit younger.
    when i first read ecclisiastes (i'd read coupland first) it reminded me of him!

  2. Coupland is a bit of hopeless-ecclesiastes I guess. There are points where he just seems to be trying to be profound for the sake of it... but I still enjoy reading him.

    At one point in TGT we have Coupland writing a book about a guy working at Staples who is writing a book about a guy writing a book about a guy working in Stapes. Slightly absurd and a little annoying in the same way as when film makers make films about making films. But then, I loved Adaptation.

  3. hmm. that sounds quite like an absurder version of jpod. we watched adaptation on our team day, i loved it too! mainly for the monologues. i can't be alone in thinking that opening monologue would be awesome to use in an evangelistic talk?!

  4. The Gum Thief is slightly more of a book though, jPod is just a file dump from your laptop... which is a great concept but a bit strange for a book.

    You gonna blog your wise observations a bit more frequently?

  5. haha. we'll see. it feels a bit worse than speaking in front of a large audience, though.


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