Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy janitors and sacred songs?

Much thinking to do about how to live all of life for Jesus... some wiser words than mine.

"Your redemptive task as artist is not to convert people or to be apologetic about your following Jesus Christ. A christian artist simply needs to giveaway your imaginative insights to whoever crosses your path, and the Holy Spirit will take it from there."
Letter to a young artist, cited by Dan Peterson in UCCF Forum Arts Track.

"Does Lewis or Tolkien mention Christ in any of their fictional series? Are Bach’s sonata’s Christian? What is more Christ-like, feeding the poor, making furniture, cleaning bathrooms, or painting a sunset? There is a schism between the sacred and the secular in all of our modern minds. The view that a pastor is more “Christian” than a girls volleyball coach is flawed and heretical. The stance that a worship leader is more spiritual than a janitor is condescending and flawed... Many songs are worthy of being written... Some of these songs are about redemption, others about the sunrise, others about nothing in particular: written for the simple joy of music"
Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, posted by Dan Hames.

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  1. If we each have different redemptive tasks depending on our skills/jobs/areas of interests/gifts, then how do you reckon we can sum up our general redemptive task as God's children?