Monday, October 29, 2007

Grace: Normal Christian Living

From Finding Joy: A radical rediscovery of grace, by Marcus Honeysett:

...there is a dawning realisation that talking about God's grace and celebrating it together is normal Christian living... Growing as a Christian is always corporate. It is never individualistic or selfish. Bearing each other's burdens and reminding each other about the Lord doesn't happen when Christians are isolated. Whatever hurdles we find to genuine fellowship, we must commit ourselves to overcoming them. It may mean summoning up the courage to ask a few others believers if we could meet together to encourage one another in prayer. It may mean that we need to ask if some core teaching on grace can be included in our church's preaching scehdule. (p76)
...Paul prayed for [grace] and anticipated that God would pour it into the lives of the believers. They knew the same Lord and the same grace we can know. We have the same hope of heaven that they had. We live two milennia later, but God has not changed. He still overflows with extravagant grace to all who believe, and in provision of joy for all those who live, love and witness out of hearts brimful with that grace. Glory in the Lord Jesus, worship by the Spirit of God put no confidence in the flesh - and rejoice! (p84)

(From Chapter 5: Discover a sweeping panorama of joy)

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