Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grace is for losers

England lost in the Football.
England lost in the Rugby.
England lost in F1.

Losing should keep us from boasting. Sadly it just makes us whine about suspect penalties, denied tries or bad luck. Such self-pity is just pride in disguise.

Well, I'm a loser and that's ok. It's ok because the grace of God found me. It didn't find me because I'm a winner but because I was a sinner.

I didn't earn it. I didn't deserve it. I didn't figure it out. Instead He penetrated my heart, subdued my rejection and opened my eyes to behold his great majesty in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Me: happy loser.

Pete Dray takes a slightly different approach...


  1. Not fair! I want grace too I can't help it my country's rugby team is better than yours.

  2. And thankfully you can have grace too... you'll just have to be humbled from your victories!

  3. At least we beat the froggies, it's the small mercies that remind me of grace.