Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Grace: The bedrock of absolutely everything

From Finding Joy: A radical rediscovery of grace, by Marcus Honeysett:

...I came to realise that knowing and experiencing the grace of the Lord is the bedrock of absolutely everything else in the Christian life and in the church. It is the heart of the gospel. Why should that group have been motivated to do enthusiastic and heartfelt outreach if they were not thrilled and gripped by the grace of the Lord? Why should Christians want to pray to God unless we are convinced that he graciously want to answer and pour out blessings that will help us and glorify himself? Is it possible to be an effective Christian teacher or preacher unless we are awestruck by the magnitude of grace dealing with our sin, inadequacy and bankruptcy? I doubt it.

Preachers who preach without an overwhelming knowledge of grace in their lives don't proclaim grace to their people. They are more likely to teach moral behaviour and how to be an acceptable part of the Christian subculture.... whenever that happens, that place is a haven for legalism, for slavery, for being desperate to be seen to have the right outward religion. It is likely to be a desert of grace.
Chapter 3 - From slavery to freedom: p45-47.

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  1. wow - that second paragraph is very striking! I fear we do that WAAAY too often, and don't even realise it