Friday, October 12, 2007

With Facebook we'll change the world

I just got invited to this facebook group...

Lets get Tim Hughes to number one - Its about time some Christian music was all powerful in the charts and therefore on our national airwaves. So the plan is for as many people as possible to download one song two weeks before Christmas and get Tim Hughes into the charts on downloads alone!! The song we thought is most suited for was Happy Day on the Holding Nothing Back album. Please please please support us on this mission all it will cost you is 79p on itunes!! If Chris Moyles can get Billie Piper Honey to the bee and Peter Andre Mysterious Girl back in the charts this is not beyond us!!

I remember the buzz when I was a student as Delirious attempted to break into the charts. Funny to see it coming round again. Raises questions for me about what is Christian music? Even if we can define it, what's gained by having it in the charts? Underlying the group I'm sure is a desire to see our nation impacted by the gospel which is brilliant.

I just can't help wondering if there might be a better way! How else could eight thousand pounds be invested? From with UCCF's ministry that buys about six months of a Staffworker on the ground, armed with a Bible, serving a CU by investing the gospel week in week out with students so they can better enjoy the gospel and live and speak for Jesus in their course, corridor and clubs. That's certainly not the only way to use that kind of money and it's not going to draw as many headlines in the Christian Press. Likewise eight grand would feed a large number of starving children for a while. It could help give one average British adult out of debt and let them have a fresh start financially... or a whole host of other things, like the newspaper this sanctimonious blogger just went and spent 80 pence on... :)

Not that there's anything wrong with downloading a Tim Hughes song though. God made us creative so there's nothing wrong with enjoying that. Tangentally I wonder what would happen if he did a Radiohead with his next album? What would Christians pay for it if it was up to them to decide?

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