Monday, October 01, 2007


My work involved a fair bit of preaching, which is a great priviledge. Preaching God's word is hard and dependant on him opening blind eyes and cold hearts to treasure the glory of Christ. You'll notice that these are happening all over the place - mostly across the South West of England - which means quite a bit of travelling and often speaking to people I don't particularly know. So please pray for safe travel and wisdom in these situations.
Here are some upcoming talks I'd value you praying for!
Oct 4 - Luke 3v1-21 University of Bath Christian Union)

Oct 20 - The Authority of Scripture
(Acts 14 Leadership School at Reading Family Church)

Oct 25 - Is Christianity Anti-intellectual?
(University of Plymouth Christian Union)

Oct 28 - The Grace of Giving
(Arborfield Church)

Oct 30 - John 6v1-15
(Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union)

Oct 31 - John 9
(Falmouth CU)

Nov 7-9 - 2 Timothy 1-4 + seminars.
(Weekend away with Exeter University Evangelical Christian Union)

Nov 15-16 - 2 Timothy 1-4.
(Weekend away with Reading University Christian Union)
"No one can get even the slightest taste of right doctrine
unless he be pupil of scripture... The majesty of God subdues
our bold rejection and compels us to obey.” John Calvin, Institutes.