Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Audio from UCCF Forum 2007

Seven hundred students, staff & relay gathered for the 2007 Forum conference at the Quinta in September. Audio downloads now available for most main sessions and tracks.

People were raving about Mike & Jo's series on 'Depending on the Living God' and I loved being at Jason & Kath's series on 'Worshipping the Creator God'. Brother Andrew was great and Lindsay's talk on Acts 17 was great.

This year's 'Open Forum' was an excellent exploration of pressing issues for the CUs and church today - Jason's comment near the end on where we get our views from was a particular highlight - the mp3 does break off just before the end of the session, not quite sure why!

Next year: John Piper and Graham Daniels plus 900 of us on site!

Main Sessions

Richard Cunningham - 2 Corinthians 4v13-18
Hugh Palmer - Romans 1
Hugh Palmer - Romans 3
Hugh Palmer - Romans 8
Hugh Palmer - Romans 12
Lindsay Brown - Evangelism at Mars Hill
Brother Andrew (1)
Brother Andrew (2)
Open Forum Q&A with Richard Cunningham, Tim Rudge, Jason Clarke & Jo McKenzie - chaired by Becci Brown
Tim Rudge - Conference summary

Becci Brown writes up the conference for Evangelicals Now:
"Forum 2007 certainly displayed UCCF’s vision of uniting evangelical students from every denomination and giving them the chance to tune in to the glorious melody of the gospel. And becoming confident in the message, they are utterly persuaded by the need to speak it out to those at university and round the world."

Listed online at UCCF.org.uk


  1. any of these available in good old-fashioned PDF or Word format?

  2. Not sure if there are write-ups of any of them...

  3. Thanks Bish for giving this list - will make great listening!

    Just one thing - am trying to download the Reeves talks (I've heard most of the content multiple times before, but want to listen again because I want to hear this specific version to help me recommend this lot to other people) but the third one seems to link to the second one. I've tried looking it up on the UCCF site but can't find them on there. Do you have any ideas?

  4. Hi John,

    Hmmm. The links are definitely to different urls. I guess it's an upload error somewhere along the line - I suggest you contact Dave Turner and ask him to fix it cos it's probably just an error that he's unaware of.