Friday, September 28, 2007

Seven Things

This week I've learned...

1. There are 3000 people on the waiting list for an NHS dentist in Exeter. Soon to be 3002. The good news is that there used to be 7000.
2. My sister lived with the Match of the Day's first female commentator Jacqui Oatley when she was at Uni. Which might be a better claim to fame than me going to school with Maps' James Chapman. You decide, if you care.
3. Water companies paint things blue to indicate where work needs to be done. Thanks to the man who came to survey us for a water meter.
4. Jane BH makes very good chocolate brownies. Alex delivers them well. And we ate them well.
5. Jesus holds all chocolate together, not just the fair trade stuff (discovered in homegroup...)
6. Bath is a building site at the moment.
And Ecclesiastes is very pertinent to 'gospel-ministry'.
7. House is great TV. I knew this before but felt like saying so.

Not yet learned: how Song of Songs is Christian Scripture... 'reflect on these things, the Lord will give you understanding'


  1. What series of House? I love it too - but by Series 3 finale I found his cynicism getting a bit wearing. Still Season 4 has just started in US so maybe all will be redeemed?

  2. Not sure which series, whichever one is currently on. I don't think I could watch it back to back, like 24, it probably doesn't quite have enough to sustain at that level, but one dose a week is fine.