Monday, September 10, 2007

Seven Days (and a bit)

Still offline at home but we should be back online in the next 13 days or so.. this is a catch up on recent weeks...

1. House

We're in and that's nice. Settling in but missing people from Reading.

2. Richard Cunningham

Playing seven degrees of Kevin Bacon at Orientation over a nice beer in Northampton.

3. Reeves

On 1 Corinthians. Champagne and Caviar, once more.

4. In praise of... listening.

Over breakfast with Brother Andrew. I had nothing to say and everything to hear.

5. Sickness.

At idolatry. Acts 17v16.

6. The beach.

The whole earth proclaims the glory of God. Listen up!

7. Studying for Jesus.

Teaching about it at Forum.

And Jason's quality session on what it means to be human!


  1. Well they all sound wonderful. Glad you're in the house now. Look forward to catching up soon.


  2. we're all missing you being there here too :-(

    good to hear from you and looking forward to updates once you're wired again.

  3. Kath Arnold had something to do with that brilliant session too!!

  4. She had more to do with the excellent previous day...