Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Times

A little late in the day I finally picked up The Times. Some cracking letters and comment today. For example : Be proud to be from England, Europe... Where are the normal curves in exam marks. And for all my very dearly loved Welsh friends:
Sir, David Webb (letter, August 16) refers to “a scandalously absent Welsh dimension in the Union Flag” and views the impending departure of Scotland from the Union as an opportunity to address this oversight.
There exists a Welsh dimension in the form of the flag of St George. Wales is part of the United Kingdom through it being annexed by England hundreds of years ago when it became part of the kingdom of England. While that may be unpalatable to some, the way to address it is not to go along with the fad of rewriting history, but rather to ensure that pupils have a basic understanding of the structure of the UK.
DENIS AYERS, Inverness
I also got through both of the Sudoku in good speed. Things you do on a wet and dark Saturday afternoon in August!


  1. The article on Europe is fantastic. Especially to a man recently married to an American! It's exactly how I feel about Europe - I'm looking forward to being able to take Rebecca to all kinds of fantastic places I feel like I have a kind of ownership of because I'm European.