Sunday, August 12, 2007

Seven Days

Mark Lauterbach - with some stunning words on preaching the gospel

Mark Lauterbach's sermons
1. Reading Family Church.
Was great to meet with the church a week ago, to praise God together and to catch up with Nu, Ed, Neil & Emmie.

2. Phonecalls
To lawyers. And finally making *some* progress.

3. Jeremiah
Fresh words from God's word.

4. Tom & Caroline.
Dinner on Thursday night before finally moving out of Reading. Thankful for the last seven years of serving there, priviledged to have been there.

Good conversations about critical thinking and spiritual formation. And about living justly.

5. Earls Barton
Housesitting for my parents.

6. Tim & Sarah's wedding
Time with Dave & Saz, Ceryn, Jess, Johanna... and the hills in Castleton. I ♥ the Peak District. Photos to follow.

Outstanding wedding preach by Steve Timmis from Genesis 1-2. The more time I spend in Genesis 1-2 the richer it seems. Great to spend time with people from The Crowded House church who love the word and truly value community. Even in the detail of pluralising the lyrics in In Christ Alone and King of Kings Majesty. Brilliant.

7. St Neots Evangelical Church
Finally hearing Rich preach, and some stretching words from Titus 2 on the adorning of the gospel of grace.
Seeing Rich & Sally with baby Libby (now 3 weeks old).

ps: Photo of the week

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