Sunday, August 19, 2007

No distraction

Today was the final Sunday of our journey between Arborfield Church, nr. Reading and Trinity Church, Exeter. On the way over the last few weeks we've enjoyed fellowship with Reading Family Church, St Neots Evangelical Church and today, Avenue Community Church. We walked in and immediately recognised about a quarter of the congregation which was nice. It was great to catch up with Alwyn, Roz, Mike, Rich & Ruth, Kate, Dave & Rachel and Graham.

This summer I've kept running into the end of Luke 10. I've preached it and heard a few sermons on it in different contexts. Graham Beynon preached the same text today and gave a piercing and encouraging word:
Graham Beynon - Luke 10, Mary & Martha

Next Sunday, God willing, we'll join with our new church in Exeter!

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