Friday, August 17, 2007

Light Force

Brother Andrew's story continues began in God's Smuggler in Eastern Europe, Bible smuggling to communist nations. That book was so successful that he couldn't continue to work in the region - the update of the book notes that it had become standard KGB reading. He relocated to the middle east.

Light Force tells of his visist to different parts of the middle east, meeting with Christian leaders on boths sides of the conflict, and with many Muslim leaders. The story has a very different feel to his covert operations in Europe but is nonetheless eyeopening.

Where God's Smuggler testifies to the high value of God's people having God's word, Light Force shows the powerful effects that the gospel must have in reconciling peoples to God and one another. The story is honest and realistic about the struggle to see lives changed by God.

Brother Andrew speaks at UCCF Forum student leaders conference, September 3-7 2007


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