Tuesday, August 07, 2007

God's Smuggler

God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew.

This is the gripping story of Andrew, an ordinary dutchman, who found himself smuggling God's word into Eastern Europe 30-40 years ago.

It's very inspiring from a missions perspective seeing the way he took God at his word and lived believing that Jesus was king.

It also deeply challenges how seriously I take God's word. So easily I take for granted that I have access to the scriptures and so I ignore them. Yet, these are the universe-creating, nation-destroying, heart-exposing, life-transforming words of God, written.

Half price at St. Andrews Bookshop


  1. Yeh. I really should have read it earlier. I've just ordered a copy of Light Force.

  2. I´m reading this book now... so nice... I´m from Brazil... I´m reading in Portuguese but I would like to read it in English, too.

    I saw in a site that there is a version in audio cd too...

    See ya take.... God bless