Monday, August 13, 2007

Christianity straight and undiluted

This God saves to make His name known
(read Exodus, or Ezekiel!).
This God has created us to display
His own power and glory, His holiness and mercy
to His creation. Creation is a theatre for His glory.
This is the God of Genesis 1 and Revelation 22.
Even as the book of Revelation came not from
John’s philosophical discussions in the king’s court,
but from the crucible of persecution by worldly powers
opposed to God, so this world’s increasingly
open and categorical denials of God and His power
will likely be met not by retreats, compromises,
edits and revisions, but by awakenings and rediscoveries
of the majesty and power of the true God who reveals
Himself in the Bible, the God who made us
and who will judge us, the God who in love pursued us
even to the depths of the incarnation and humiliation of the cross.
This is Christianity straight and undiluted.
And the questing, probing spirit of
the rising generation has, by this God’s grace, found this Rock.

Mark Dever - Where have all the Calvinists come from (part 10)

Colin Adams indexes the series

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