Saturday, August 04, 2007

'Bulgaria went to sleep in the 1300s, and woke up just before the first world war'

Ed posts his reflections on his second trip to Bulgaria. Having had the priviledge of mentoring Ed over the past three years since a few months before his first trip to that wasteland I'm thankful for the work of God in his servant. God has called Ed back to Reading and me off to the South West but we remain partners in the gospel.

Last week I read Brother Andrew's book God's Smuggler - there's something irresistible about getting the gospel to Eastern Europe. My four journeys out that way (Poland x3, Bulgaria x1) have left a mark on me. Andrew is due to speak at our leaders conference in September, something tells me that'll be a significant time. That week the practical work of leading the SW team begins for me - a region linked with Poland as the SE is with Bulgaria. God has given us work to do here, and there.

I've struggled over the last week waiting to move to Exeter, moping around and anxious. Why?! As Andrew reminds me I'm supposed to be serving the one who rules all things. He can handle this stuff. Who am I to be so faithless and fearful? As I've read Jeremiah I've also been reading the first chapter and a half of 2 Timothy. There is Timothy, timid and fearful. Many were turning from the gospel. Paul was on death-row. It was time for Timothy to step up to the mark. How did God set his feet to walk? By reminding him that in Jesus God's great purpose and grace are manifest. A purpose to save by grace not works. A purpose to abolish death and bring immortality and life to light. A purpose centred upon the raising of Jesus from the dead. A purpose of setting him as the king forever on David's throne. The king of all things. A king to not be ashamed of. A king worth suffering for wherever he calls.

Today I'm in the Coffee Republic internet cafe in Reading. My possessions are in storage. Housesitting in the professors house. At several times in the last week my sinful heart has tried to ruin me with that stuff, but actually it's really liberating. Jesus is king. My treasure is in heaven. In him I have a better home than any earthly home. I'm two weeks away from a new job and it's time to step up to the mark with God's power for the fame of Jesus.

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