Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superpowers brushed aside

Adrian got me thinking the other day about Jeremiah with his blogging on Jeremiah 17. So I've started reading it. I've not listened Adrian's sermon yet but it's loaded and ready on my mp3 player. Hear it here: The heart of the matter.

Starting at the begininng. Jeremiah is commissioned by God, he's told not to protest that he's too young or two weak (1v8-9). Words that reminds me of Moses and even more so of young & timid Timothy who are both sent by God to preach the word. Ultimately the calibre of the preacher isn't the point, it's the content of the words they're to speak. Jesus embodies this more than anyone, weak yet speaking the very words of God.

More striking for me was what he'll do. This blew me away.
"Behold, I have put my words in your mouth.
See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms,
to pluck up and to break down,
to destroy and to overthrow,
to build and to plant."
God's words are in Jeremiah's mouth. And what do God's words do? They can pluck up and break down, destroy and overthrow kingdoms and nations, and build and plant them. What immense authority! Two things have been on my mind recently - how to relate to authorities when you're in the minority, and the authority of scripture. Here they collide. A weak and young preacher can speak God's words and he has more power than the might of a whole nation. Not that this exalts the preacher, rather it exalts the one speaking through him. The God whose words can pick up a superpower and thrown it to the floor. This is the authority of God. Nothing is too big to stand against him. You don't mess with this.

Jeremiah was sent with these words against God's own people Judah. They resisted but could not overthrow him because God was with him. Resistence is futile. Whenever they or we take on the word of God we lose. My sinful heart protests against what God says prefering my own sinful lies. Foolishness.

This word carries more weight than all the armies of the earth.
This word is sin-convicting. This word is faith-expanding.
This word created. This word re-created.
This word exposes. This word comforts.
This word can kill. This word can bring life.

How great my expectation ought to be when I read God's word, when I hear it preached! Seismic shifts in world politics can be caused by God speaking against godless people, how great could be the effects when a people gather with humility to hear his voice?

Resolved: not to come to the Word of God lightly seeking information but rather with trembling and the expectation of world-changing transformation.

Last night I read his first message in Jeremiah 2v1-3v5, which points to something like an anatomy of sin. More on that another day.

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