Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Promised Holy Spirit

Last night I was teaching a group from our church about the Holy Spirit. I think I'm going to dwell on this theme a bit in the coming weeks. I was very struck as I prepared by what Paul writes in Galatians 3v13-14 that Christ became a curse... in order that... we might receive the promised Spirit. A core goal of the gospel is God's people receiving the Holy Spirit. Many times it seems as Christians talk about the Spirit that he is a kind of optional add on. The extroverts and keen ones add the Holy Spirit module to their Christian life. And yet, it's central to the purpose of the cross.

It's striking because in Galatians 3 the big blessing is being counted righteous by faith. God's curse turned aside and replaced with the blessing Abraham got. And yet Paul translates that so that the blessing is 'counted righteous' and having the Spirit. The two go together. I have Christ's righteousness. I have the Holy Spirit saying I'm a son (4v6-7)!

I'm preaching on sunday from Luke 11v1-13 and am convinced that when Jesus says how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him he has in mind that getting our names written in heaven, having eternal life is having the Holy Spirit - in this creation and the new unshakeable creation. It's also striking that Luke makes four references to the Holy Spirit in close proximity. Luke the master of careful organisation of material has something to say. But what? Luke 10v21, 11v13, 12v10 and 12v12.... ponder!

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