Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pray for Bulgaria

Ed Goode is on mission in Bulgaria and asks for prayer...

Please pray for:

Bulgaria itself, this is such a hard place to do evangelism for a lot of reasons i don't want to write about in an internet cafe...but yeh, pray!

The Camp. We're nearly half way through now, i'm so tired, and i'm still in the 'wow God's doing all this cool stuff in me' zone rather than the Matthew 24:14 zone...maybe thats kinda ok, but i'd rather be in both.

For Craig who's leading the camp, for his health and perseverance.
For the guys from Bourgas.
For the Christian Bulgarians here, for their growth and perseverance
For Natalya, Danni and Christina in my small group.

Praise God for:

The fact this camp is happening and their are non Christians here.
For the two American teams who are here, their support and friendship.
For the Bulgarian Christians
For the Gospel, that it works, even here, even with people like me saying it.
That God is bigger than refreshing!

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