Saturday, July 14, 2007

Podcast Shudall

Sometime back there was a suggestion of getting some of Andy's sermons online. No sign of progress on that, but I did find this one: Andy Shudall - Galatians 3v15-29, Holy Trinity Leicester, 2006

Also now available - Together on a Mission 2007 MP3's for free download.


  1. Dave, you obviously didn't listen to the talk befor you posted it. It's not the best I've ever done. erm... i'm squirming!

    Talked about you tonight in the most glowing of terms. Glad you're my friend.


  2. Glad you're mine.

    You're right I didn't listen to it before, but I have this morning - you came running with me. I disagree with a little of your interpretation in the middle, as earlier blogposts here would show, but you made me love Jesus more.