Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

My wife just bought a copy. I've not read the previous one yet.

Anyways, the good news is that Asda are selling it for five pounds.



    Here in France the law restricts reductions on books to 5%.

    Mind you, they are cheaper in the first place.

    But not books published in English ! You pay full price and then some.

  2. Read of one independent bookseller who was going to buy all his stock from ASDA because his wholesale price was £9. This is why independent bookshops are going out of business....Christian ones too I guess.

  3. Crazy isn't it. I guess its a loss leader for Asda.

    Hows the floods your way - we tried home to Arborfield and back today and had a nightmare with closed roads everywhere.

  4. Don't know 'bout Eversley - went to London (blogging about this) and trains/buses were fine.

  5. cheapest in NZ is $30 (12-13 pounds) and that is MIGHTY cheap!

  6. Hey Dave,

    You best read them both quick. I never realised that JK Rowling was a Christian until I read this last one.

    It shines through it an amazing amount. A real trojan horse and a half. Already given me a few opportunities to talk about the gospel. Amazing stuff - thank God for JK Rowling (never thought I'd say it)!

    I'd say more but I'll ruin it.

  7. Hm, not sure on the Christian angle: only as much as I'd take Rowling over Dahl any day. I was in Montréal when it came out, and paid an arm and a leg. (This makes mobility difficult, and sadly I've had to give up playing the violin, but there we go.)