Thursday, July 05, 2007

Every bishop is an evangelist!

The Times interviews Peter Akinola, Bishop of Nigeria. He comes across as a man of great humility and with a passion for the growth of God's church:
The relationship with Islam is central to his ministry and he has found a way to counter Islam without violence: it is called evangelism... "By virtue of our religion we cannot fight because we are told, if you are slapped on the right cheek you must turn your left cheek. Love your enemy and pray for him. So how do we respond to these unprovoked attacks on Christians? Evangelism is the answer. Make the Church grow..." Every bishop in his area is an evangelist
In theory my new job in UCCF is a bit of an overseer role (no bishop bish jokes please...) - hold me accountable to make evangelism a central part of the work I do, however scary that feels to say.

Also inspiring... read about William Still preaching the whole Bible in Scotland last century. I've not read his biography but I think I'd like to.


  1. Great interview which gives you hope. Interesting that Gledhill doesn't comment on it, just reports it. I can't see that Our Ruth would have been too happy with his views.

    What stirs me is knowing that the Church - despite it's rather putrid state in the West - is advancing. Good for us! (The Church Universal, I mean!)

  2. Oops - extra apostrophe crept in before the pedants correct it!

  3. PS - There is a youtube version on Ruth's blog.

  4. and there was me all excited at getting three comments so quickly.

  5. Very interesting.

    WE are "the church". Every person is a part of the body and it's vital to the church's growth that everyone is released in their own destiny!