Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tom Schreiner on Penal Substitution

Another cracking interview from Martin Downes. Tom Ascol of Founders ministries coming next week on which Martin says:
I read it and thought, "wow, I wish he could pastor me."
Martin Downes interviews Tom Schreiner on penal substitution
What would be your pastoral approach to a minister in training who denied penal substitution and a professor at an evangelical college or seminary who held the same views?
I would be patient with a student and try to persuade them of the biblical standpoint. Patience is initially the right stance for a professor as well. But if a professor comes to a settled conviction against penal substitution, he should be removed from his position in my judgment.

How important is the doctrine of penal substitution to evangelical unity?
It is crucial, for all unity must be based on the truth of the gospel, and without penal substitution there is no gospel.

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