Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three Minutes

September 2000. I arrived at Relay 1 to spend 10 months with UCCF. I arrived thinking I'd made it and also that I was about to be found out and sent home. Proud. Arrogant. And woefully ignorant. I knew I was saved by grace but was clueless about life by grace, and was holding firmly to my own plans for my life. That was my first day in Grace School.

Seven years and 16 Relay conferences later my 10 month plan has gone out of the window. My pride remains but God's lavish grace has poured much contempt upon that and increased my joy.

My two years as a Relay were foundational for my work in and out of UCCF and for my marriage these past five years. I will always treasure Relay, I hope in a godly way. I confess that I asked Andy Shudall how staffworkers get onto the Relay team the day before I started as a CU Staffworker. Not by human decision or desire, but of course, by grace. I'm glad he didn't hold my inquiry against me.

At the end of my third of two years on this team I feel immensely privileged to have been able to serve here, gaining more than I've given.

I've been fued by so much encouragement to hold onto the gospel on every today. I've loved the Relay team life. I've loved my fellowship groups. I've loved sharing conferences with Ed and Carolina and my previous Relay. I've loved seeing an extra year of God's work in the lives of those I've served as students, like Jess, Ceryn, Drew and Paul.

I know Jesus' blood is my life, not Relay, but I love Relay because it bleeds the gospel. As I move into a new role in UCCF it's great to know that it's not because I deserve it, nor do I need to worry about being found out. Jesus is my treasure and his abounding grace is all I will ever need.

Galatians 3v26 : in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith
That's enough.

Dave Bish, Relay worker 2000-2002, Relay Staff Team 2004-7

When the real Kath stood up and gave her three minutes just before mine...
Ed on The Fear of the Lord, Proverbs at Relay 3


  1. A year on and I share your appreciation of Relay. It was good, but Jesus is better.

    All the best on the new job.

  2. Nearly 15 years on the sense of privilege and firm grounding does not diminish: in fact, it increases - watching quiet, insecure and sinful men and women grow in gospel joy and confidence; growing in grace and service daily. Dave, how could I begrudge a heart so full of joy and commitment to the work of God's grace that they want to push to the front of the queue to share that work with others? To be honest, I don't really remember you asking - it happens so often with ex-Relay Workers on staff...

    Thanks for posting the photo - almost brought me to tears (I know, not hard...) to see past Relay Workers now on staff, pushing to the front of the queue, serving a new generation and future ones too in the passing on of the joys and cost of the gospel of grace.

    You rightly look to the future - new challenges, new opportunities ahead. Same gospel, different phase of life - discharge your duties in God's service, encourage the good wherever you find it, love Jesus, treasure the gospel - be singleminded like the soldier, look to the Harvest with patience and cultivate the disciplined particpation of the athelete.

  3. You're gonna be missed here, je crois. But God will use you down South West too.

    BTW - the word verification for this post is seegod (no kidding!)

  4. Yep, seven years on and I'm still thankful for Relay.

    I learned so much during the year, but your comments on living by grace reminded me of one particular thing. I can still remember it dawning on me that Christians are grace/gospel-needing people as well as grace/gospel-believing people (Andy Shudall made the point very ably from 2 Timothy 3). It seemed so obvious, yet it was earth-shattering and paradigm-shifting and, by God's grace, continues to be life-changing.