Monday, June 04, 2007

Seven Days

1. This morning I feel ill. Eugh :(
2. This morning 24 Day 6 has finished.
3. This morning I go to Relay3, my 16th and final Relay conference. Four hours in the car combined with point 1 probably isn't ideal.
4. This morning my wife went and purchased medication for me ♥
5. This morning it's the birthday of Megan, Tom, Mike, Ed, Ames and Chris. Thank you facebook for the reminder.
6. This morning I am glad to be alive. Genuinely. Today is another day to hear God's voice. And another day of the forever in which Jesus blood has perfected me. Amazed.
7. This morning I'm glad of God's grace in my weakness.


  1. I'm confused. Why is it your last relay conference?

  2. Dave k, I'll guess an answer in Dave's absence (since Quinta is not yet, as far as I know, hotwired for liveblogging!) - not all UCCF field staff are on the staff team for the Relay programme, even if most non-first year staff get to supervise RWs themselves. Thus Dave has served his term on the Relay staff team and especially with his change of role to a regional Team Leader, won't be attending future Relay conferences. Phew, I'm sure Dave could've answered that less long-windedly!

  3. not all UCCF field staff are on the staff team for the Relay programme

    I see... Thanks Rosemary.

  4. i didn't take the necessary hardware but WiFi at Quinta...