Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Searching for splendour

"We are constantly looking for splendor; and nothing appears to us more incongruous, than that the heavenly kingdom of the Son of God, whose glory is so magnificently celebrated by the prophets, should consist of the dregs and offscourings of the common people. And truly it is a wonderful purpose of God, that though he has the whole world at his command, he chooses rather to select a peculiar people to himself from among the contemptible vulgar, than from the nobility, whose high rank would have been a greater ornament to the name of Christ... And certainly, though this appointment of God contradicts our senses, we discover not only blind arrogance, but excessive madness, if we murmur against it, while Christ our Head adores it with reverence."
Calvin on Luke 10v17-24.

How great it is that Jesus reveals himself not to the great and the good, but instead to little children. It is the Father's pleasure. It is the Son's joy in the Holy Spirit. Let us also rejoice! What grace that is not based upon our intellect or status, desire or effort but only upon his joy.

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