Thursday, June 28, 2007

Religious Affections

A friend recently wrote to me: "I am reading Edwards "A Treatise on the Religious
Affections" at the moment and it makes me want to pray and love God a lot. Recommended." - I've tried a few times and have started again recently. Perhaps this time I'll get through it. In case that doesn't happen Sam Storms is around to help (if I can get this in the UK)...

Jonathan Edwards’s treatise Religious Affections is widely considered the most important and accurate analysis of religious experience ever written. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned readers sit down with Religious Affections, only to give up in frustration over Edwards’s lofty style and complex argumentation ...Sam Storms.... has attempted to bridge the gap between how Edwards said what he did in the eighteenth century and how he might say it today. In Signs of the Spirit he articulates the substance of Edwards’s arguments in a more understandable way. The point is not to “dumb down” Jonathan Edwards but to make his work accessible to a wider audience. This volume will serve a companion guide to, a reading of Edwards’s Religious Affections.

HT: Justin Taylor

Ed makes some really insightful comments about Rob Bell's NOOMA. I'll resume my reviewing of Velvet Elvis in the near future. I also resolved today whilst walking around London that I'll be using the blog to work through my thinking on money & possessions so that'll start showing during July....

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  1. Iain Murray in his biography of Jonathan Edwards says something along the lines of the Religious Affections being one of the most started puritan works, but the vast majority of readers quit after 25 pages.

    He heartily recommends the slog though.