Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jesus is enough

This feels particularly pertinent as I sweat over Hebrews 12 this afternoon. Discipleship as enduring hardship at God's hand to finish the race, with a bit from Proverbs thrown into the mix along with the scary story of Esau.

HT: Doctrine Matters.

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  1. Good old Piper! Having seen the effects of the export of prosperity gospel to India first hand I agree!

    Interesting, another take on Christianity in Hindu culture - one pastor said to me that Christianity is just like Hinduism to many people - it's just another god - there's a god to make you well, a god to prosper your business, a god to fight, and a god to get you your green card to USA - and that god is called Jesus.

    We have to be careful how we present the gospel from whatever background we come.

    PS love Jars of Clay!