Friday, June 29, 2007

Jesus' blood never fails me

Today is my fifth wedding anniversary. Five years ago I entered into a covenant with Em for life. She walked into a church in Bristol to the sound of Delirious' Jesus Blood Never Fails Me. We made promises, exchanged rings. And celebrated with friends and family.

A friend assured me beforehand that marriage is what happens when you get two sinners living under the same roof. And he warned me that would be hard. Because we are sinful people. I've found myself needing to be forgiving and to be forgiven. But how is that possible? Is forgiveness a commitment to forgetfulness? And what if you can't forget?

Today I think we're in danger of losing what it means to forgive. It seems to mean something like amnesia. God takes sin and forgiveness more robustly. Forgiveness is not easily acquired. It's a rare jewel. It should be highly sought after.

I wont win my wife's forgiveness of me by romance and charm or the flowers that I don't buy often enough. Those things are good and vital but if they were to be the basis of forgiveness we'd have a problem.

Likewise I wont win my wife's forgiveness of me by distraction, by occupying her mind with other things so that the memory of my stubbornness and selfishness is crowded out. No, her forgiveness of me is secured in the rings on our fingers. Or rather what those rings represent. The promises we made on June 29th 2002. Above all, promises secured in the blood of Jesus - as all forgiveness is.

Hallelujah, what a saviour! (free mp3 download from Bob Kauflin)
Sheet music here

Martin Downes interviews Mark Dever:

How should a minister keep his heart, mind, and will from theological error?
I would encourage a man to marry a woman who loves the Lord as much or more than he does, and to stay in the Word. I would also encourage him to build relationships with people in a sound Bible-preaching church.

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