Sunday, June 10, 2007

Including verses 42-47

Adrian Reynolds writes up some reflections from his recent series of talks on Pentecost. Day of Fire:
"My last talk focused on Acts 2.42-47 because I wanted to show the youngsters how being in Christ is a community thing - we are connected into fellowship and all that entails. Most interesting session! The continued growth of the early church seems to be less about evangelism (though Acts clearly makes this clear as a priority) and more about the church being what she ought - it is when the church is most together that she is most effective as a witness (v47) - this is a very challenging idea indeed."
I find this inclusion of verses 42-47 to be very helpful. The coming of the Holy Spirit has been speculated on much and often the focus has ended up being less on Peter proving who Jesus is, and more on the tongues spoken. Aside from that there is world-changing impact from the formation of the church.

Today we spent the best part of 8.5 hours with our church family which has been brilliant. Particularly given the sunshine and bbq, in addition to our shared singing and some top quality preaching from Luke 8 - everyone hears the word, not everyone hears the word... and the word creates a new community.
"My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice."


  1. I'd been thinking about this series for some time, especially the 42-47 link and your blog on TWTL just pushed me along this line of thinking more and more - we've just been planning ahead into 2008 and are going to spend some time going through the "let us" exhortations of Hebrews 10 - cheekily I am going to recreate this Box Five picture for the logo!

  2. modified box five would be better than using a lettuce.

    i'm working hebrews 10-12 at the moment. mindblowing stuff.

  3. I think the church could do better at demonstrating community, especially as we live in a culture where loneliness is a big problem - see here and here