Saturday, May 19, 2007

To niche or not to niche?

Tim Challies has been blogging about blogging. He notes a long tail effect:

As in music sales etc so in blogging. A popular core with a very long tail of niche blogs that are read by few.
"Quite high up on the tail of the Christian blogosphere we see Justin Taylor writing a blog that covers news that is of interest to conservative or Reformed Christians--it is primarily an information blog. A little further down we see Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters writing a successful and influential blog for women interested in learning issues surrounding biblical womanhood. We see Bob Kauflin writing a blog that seeks to help worship leaders and any of us who love and value worship. Further along we see Colin Adams, a pastor in Edinburgh, Scotland, writing a blog targeted at expositors. And on and on it goes. Each of these people have, either deliberately or inadvertently, identified an audience and are now providing content that is interesting and important to these people. With more and more people reading blogs, there are endless opportunities to begin a blog that allows you to be influential in an area that is of particular importance to you." Tim Challies, Wrapping it up
Popularity of course isn't everything - and there are no rules as to what constitutes something worth blogging about. The stats say that some people run very popular blogs within the evangelical stream of things (Tim Challies, Adrian Warnock, Phil Johnson & Co, Justin Taylor and a few others). I'm more than happy with the 200+ a day that come to read here. The blog is to help me think, but published for others benefit. Get's me thinking though - what's my niche? Should I become more focussed on a particular theme or type of article? Or should I just carry on day to day as I have been...

There are a few blogs that are under-recognised in my mind - always high quality writing:There's some high quality student-graduate blogs that are writing great stuff about the gospel - these are the guys I check regularly:

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